2-Factor Verification Notification

We recently became aware of a situation where the implementation of 2-factor verification on a Google Ads account blocked PPC Samurai processes from running.  If a linked account in your MCC tree enables 2-factor verification and your MCC does not have it in place, this will interrupt PPC Samurai processes from running and could also impact your wider access to the account.

PPC Samurai will advise when this situation arises for one of your imported accounts.  A notification will appear in the top right of your PPC Samurai account with the following message:

If this notification appears, you can either:

  • Enable 2-factor verification for your Google Ads manager account
  • Remove the 2-factor verification from the linked account

Either option will reinstate the PPC Samurai access and allow workflows and processes to run unencumbered.  If no action is taken, PPC Samurai access to the account will continue to be blocked and the platform will not be able to update the account data, make changes or provide updated insights for the account.

Our recommendation is to enable 2-factor authentication for your MCC.

More information about 2-factor verification can be found here: 


And always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@ppcsamurai.com.

The PPC Samurai Support Team