How To Create Responsive Search Ads

Within the client account details screen (simply click on your client from the insights screen - previously referred to as the recommendations screen - to reach their details), underneath ‘actions’ you’ll find ‘Responsive Search Ads’:

Clicking this will tell the app to start scanning the account looking for active campaigns and ad groups that contain two or more Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) but not RSAs. Once the scan is complete, you’ll see all the campaigns and ad groups that meet this criteria and are therefore candidates for RSA creation:

Step 1: Select ad groups for RSA creation

As these ad groups have existing ETAs, the app will work to combine the information in these ads into one single RSA. As each ETA should have three headlines already, if you have two ETAs, then you’ve effectively got six headlines and four descriptions ready to work with! The app will take these headlines and put them into a one to six order, and will order the descriptions one to four.
A couple of things worth mentioning:
  • If you have headlines that are the same, they’ll only get imported once – so no need to worry about duplicates!
  • If there are some campaigns or ad groups that you don’t want to include RSAs, simply uncheck them from the list by clicking on them.

Step 2: Pin or unpin positions 

From the ads that you’ve chosen to turn into RSAs you can tell the system whether you want to pin headlines to their current positions, ie. only headings pinned in position one will rotate through the heading one position, (which we recommend) by turning the toggle on or off. Pinning will help your ads make more logical sense and will keep them in line with the structure you’ve implemented via your ETAs. You can also choose whether you want to have descriptions pinned to their current positions. After choosing your settings, simply click on ‘preview RSAs’

Step 3: Previewing and creating RSAs

Click through your campaigns and ad groups within the builder to review the RSAs that have been generated for each. If you’re happy with the way the RSAs look, simply hit click on ‘create all RSAs’.

And that’s it! Enjoy the ease of creating thousands of RSAs in a matter of clicks.

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