Automatic budget adjustments

One of the great features we’ve built into budgets is the ability to have your campaign budgets automatically adjust (per our algorithms) to try and hit your target spend. Campaigns will be ranked by CPA, and budget adjustments assigned based on this. 

Pro tip: If you need budgets to be ordered by a different metric (ROAS for example) you will need to use a workflow to auto-adjust the budgets to favour your best ROAS campaigns first.

To enable this feature, in the 'budget targets' screen, next to a client, click on the three vertical dots and select ‘edit’.

In the edit screen, choose ‘adjust’ from the tabbed options.

If you’d like to see what these budget changes would look like before enabling, however, click on ‘show budget changes simulation’. 

In the budget simulation screen, the first table will show the order of your campaigns by CPA. 

Below this, you will see how each campaign is performing based on CPA across the current week. 

The next table shows you the maximum each campaign could have spent on a given day if you had an unlimited budget. This is good as it gives you an idea of how much you should assign to your daily budgets. Based on these figures, the ‘projected budget’ table will show you a forecast of what budgets it will set per day for your campaigns in order to meet your target spend. While these daily budgets are target spends, the final table will show you expected spends (based on historical performance).  

If you are happy with the projections, enable budget auto adjustments by simply clicking on the toggle switch. Your current campaign budget and proposed budget will be shown - to confirm the adjustments, click ‘confirm auto adjust’. Each day, our system will recalculate these adjustments to continuously try to hit your target. 

If you’ve selected to auto adjust, you’ll notice a ‘target’ icon alongside the client in the budget manager screen.

Additionally, if you want to see a history of budget adjustments, simply go to the edit budget screen, choose ‘adjust’ from the tabbed options, and click ‘show budget automatic adjustments log’.