BMM/Exact - Creating the BMM/Exact structure using Google Ads Editor

We find the easiest way to create this setup is by using Google Ads Editor. The steps being;

  1. Create your BMM Adgroups, including keywords, ads and targeting and ‘- BMM’ in the Adgroup name
  2. Copy/paste these Adgroups to create duplicate Adgroups
  3. While those duplicate Adgroups are still selected, find/replace ‘BMM’ with ‘Exact’
  4. Go to the Keywords tab, filter for keywords that are in an Exact Adgroup, then delete all keywords from those Adgroups (effectively leaving the Exact Adgroups with no keywords - these will be added over time as part of the process).

Process explained:

As we now know a BMM/Exact campaign structure uses three different Adgroup levels;

  • Broad Match Modified or BMM
  • Exact
  • Single Keyword Adgroups or SKAGs

The SKAG Adgroups are created via the workflows but the BMM and Exact Adgroups need to exist within your Campaign Structure before the workflows can function.

Essentially you will need to start your campaign with one Exact Adgroup for every BMM Adgroup.  Initially, your Exact Adgroup will have no keywords in them, but the process of flagging and approving search queries from BMM will result in exact keywords being added over time.  

Your BMM Adgoups will become the Parent Adgroups and the Exact Adgroups will become a Companion Adgroup. This relationship between Parent and Companion Adgroups is used in the BMM/Exact Workflows.

This is where the naming convention becomes critical...

… as they are required in order for the workflows to function correctly. 

These are the namings used in the Global Template workflows, you can update these if you already have an established convention - the key is consistency - and we’ll show you how to update these as we work through each Workflow.

All the BMM Adgroups need to be clearly defined, in the Global Template Workflows we use ‘ - BMM’.

Similarly, for the Exact Adgroup we use ‘- Exact’

The SKAGs created by the Workflows will follow this protocol and have ‘- SKAG’ appended to the Adgroup names.