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Connect your Google Merchant Center account

The first step in building a Google shopping campaign is to make sure that your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account is linked to PPC Samurai.

Navigate to the Client Details screen for the client that you'd like to connect to GMC.  

In the Client info screen click on 'Connect Merchant' link.

  • Enter your 'Google Merchant ID' and click connect 

  • IMPORTANT - you must complete the link to your GMC by entering your Merchant Account login details - these will very likely be different to your MCC login details.  Please make sure that you check that you are signing into the correct account as you 'Sign In with Google' otherwise the link will not succeed.
  • Click 'Allow' to link your Merchant ID to PPC Samurai:
  • Choose the GMC account that you'd like to use for this client.  This list can sometimes take a few minutes to populate, if there are multiple accounts listed under that account.
  • Once done the 'Client Info' screen will show 'Connected' with the Merchant ID and display the number of products imported in the Google Merchant info. 

    Note: If the 'Client Info' does not immediately show the number of imported products, please allow a few minutes for the system to sync (maybe more if there are many products in the feed).  

Now you are ready to build your shopping campaigns. View the 'how to' here.