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Create and monitor Budget Pacing

To access the budget manager, click on the ‘budget targets' tab in the left-hand menu

To monitor budget pacing, you will need to click "Create Budget" under the ‘pacing’ column

The next step is to choose the budgets that should be used when monitoring pacing.  We recommend you select all budgets to start with, as this will allow you to pace the whole account's spend over the month (if you want to pace subsets of campaigns, you can do this through the 'child budget' feature)

Next, tell PPC Samurai how much you would like to spend and over what time period you would like to spend it.  You can choose from repeating quarterly, repeating monthly, one time, and custom time period. Select the amount you want to target for the period, and if you want to roll over unused budget into the next period. Finally, select a start date for this budget to begin. 

Once you’ve added a target budget, you’ll be able to see how your account is pacing against this target spend moving forward. Pacing that is on target will be shown in green, slight underspend and overspend will be shown in yellow, while large overspend and underspend will be shown in red. 

If you’re managing a number of clients, you can sort by pacing to see which are your priorities. To do this simply click on the up or down arrow in the header of the pacing column.