Creating a child budget

If you have campaigns that have different budgets - for example brand vs non-brand, you may wish to set up some  ‘child budgets’ to allow you to manage them differently

To set up a child budget,  click on the three vertical dots to the left of the budget pacing column and select ‘create child budget’. 

In the child budget screen, you’ll be able to create rules for specific campaigns. You do this by choosing from the options under ‘on new budgets’. For example, you may wish to choose budgets that contain the word ‘search’. PPC Samurai will automatically find and target the campaigns with the relevant terms in them. 

You can then add a budget nickname to help you identify it later. 

Next choose the budget cycle (when this budget will be repeated), spend that you want to target and the date to start this budget from. Hit save when done. 

Now when you visit the budget manager screen, you’ll see this child budget and its pacing located underneath the ‘parent’ budget you’ve set at the account level for that client. You can go ahead and create more child budgets and set up automatic budget changes for these as well if you wish.