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Introduction: Ad tests

Whether you’re experienced with Google Ads, or just starting out, you’re likely aware of the importance of ad testing. 

Testing ad variants against one another helps you get more bang for your buck in the long run; but if you’re running multiple tests for different ads all at once, it can be hard to get a top-level view of how things are performing. Using PPC Samurai, you can set up and run ad tests quickly, and get clear visibility of which variants are working best for your business goals. 

How are the results calculated? The app uses data for 'all time' since that variation of the ad has been live to establish a 'statistically significant' result. Typically the more volume the ad has the less time required to reach a 'statistically significant' result. 

To get set up with ad testing, follow the steps below. 

First, navigate to the ‘ad tests’ icon in the left-hand navigation bar. 

You’ll automatically see any imported clients in the first column. Additionally, you’ll find a range of different ad tests relevant to the client you select - by default you'll see all ad tests for all clients. Note - you won’t need to set anything up, these ad tests will automatically be running. 

To see how ads have performed based on different metrics, simply filter by metric: 

On the ad test results screen, you'll find the results for different ad tests. To see more information from a test, simply click on the chevron on the right of the card. You'll now see your two ads, with the winner highlighted in green, and the loser highlighted in red.  

To take on your test results, click on ‘Pause/Replace Loser’. You’ll then be able to edit the headlines, descriptions and paths in the losing ad. 

When you're done tweaking your ad, simply hit 'pause/replace ad' to set the changes live in your account. 

Pro tip - to test just one headline at a time, change the headlines in your losing ad to be the same as the headlines you want to keep from your winning ad, and keep seperate the headline you want to test. 

Note: It usually takes up to a day to start seeing results from your ad tests.

And that’s it - you’ve successfully set up a test and made optimisations to improve your ad performance in the future!