Monitoring budget overspend

Regardless of whether you’re managing one or many accounts, another great feature to enable is the budget monitoring feature, which will take an action (such as email you an alert, or even pause the campaigns) if you hit your spend target. 

To do this, go to the edit budget screen and choose ‘monitor’ from the tabbed options.

If you prefer to work off daily spend targets,  set the check type to ‘daily spend’. 

Next, input a daily spend to act as a trigger for a daily action. In practice, this is telling the system that if your daily spend looks to overspend and has reached x amount, either pause the campaigns and send an email, send an email, or do nothing. The choice is yours, simply select from these options under the ‘action should be’ drop down.

In most instances, you’ll prefer to check for a ‘period spend’. This is based off the budget targeting option you set up earlier. 

To check for period spend, set check type to ‘period spend’. Next, choose at what level you want to be alerted to your budget’s pacing, do this by selecting from the options under ‘if period spend reaches’. You’ll have the option to choose from 95% of target, 100% of target, or a custom variable. In most instances, we recommend selecting 100% of target. 

Select an action to perform once you’ve reached a level of spend under ‘period action’. You can choose to pause campaigns and email, just email, or do nothing. 

If you choose to pause campaigns, be sure to re-enable them in the next period by choosing this option under the ‘next day/period’ option:

If you are sending emails alerts, be sure to input the correct email address in the ‘contact email’ field. 

If you’ve selected to monitor spend, you’ll notice a ‘graph’ icon alongside the client in the budget manager screen.