How to remove an account from PPC Samurai

It's easy to remove an account from PPC Samurai, follow these steps: 

If you're looking to remove a Google Ads (Adwords) account, click on 'Google Accounts' 

You will see a tree of all the clients within your MCC. Accounts that are already imported will have a check next to them. 

To remove an account, simply uncheck the account. 

That's it! You've removed the account.  

If you're looking to remove a Microsoft (Bing) account, click on 'Microsoft Accounts'

Find and click on the client that you want to remove.

An account import/remove window will appear to the right. From the drop down list, choose 'don't import this client', and hit 'save settings'. 

And that's it! You've successfully removed your google ads (Adwords) or Microsoft (Bing) account from your PPC Samurai account. 

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