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How to add credit card details to your account

PPC Samurai accounts are charged on a monthly basis via credit card.  If you're new to PPC Samurai, you'll need to add your credit card details to your account to maintain access the full product suite.

To add your credit card details in PPC Samurai:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on 'Settings' in the left navigation bar
  3. Under 'Account Info', click on 'Manage Payment Method'. 
  4. Click on 'Pay with Card'.
  5. Complete the fields with your email address, name, and address.  Click on 'Payment Info'.  
  6. Complete the credit card details.  Click on 'Pay'. 

If you have any questions or issues with adding your credit card details, please contact one of our friendly team members at support@ppcsamurai.com.