Google's change from BMM to phrase - what’s the impact on a BMM/Exact strategy?

Starting February 2021, Google will begin changing phrase match keywords to incorporate behaviours of broad match modified (BMM) keywords and starting in July 2021, advertisers will no longer be able to create BMM keywords in their accounts.

The impact of this to PPC Samurai's BMM/Exact workflows:

  • The workflows for all steps will continue to function as usual, with no changes required.  The inclusion of a phrase match term in a BMM ad group, with or without the corresponding BMM keyword, will not cause any issues with the workflow logic.
  • If you decide to move away from the 'BMM' ad group naming convention (or for some users, the 'BMM' campaign naming convention), you will need to update the workflows to check for your new naming convention. 

More generally on the topic of keyword match type, at time of writing (February 2021), Google have advised that no action is required within an account in terms of changing BMM keywords into phrase match keywords.  They have noted that once the rollover of this change is complete (expected to be in April 2021), advertisers may want to consider adding phrase match keywords to an account to replace current BMM keywords.  This recommendation will also begin surfacing in Google Ads Recommendations.

For insight into other account implications and considerations, and how you can monitor for a change to account metrics, read our blog article The Hidden Dangers Behind Broad Match Modifier Keywords Being Deprecated.


Additional resources:

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