Workflow: How to reduce wasted ad spend in your Google Ads account

Monitor spend on converting traffic versus non converting traffic

The folks at Disruptive Advertising put together this post on to describe their process for finding and eliminating wasted spend:

Awesome stuff!  So of course, we had to build that capability into PPC Samurai :)  Here's how you do it:

  1. Start a new 'Account' level process
  2. Add the Wasted Spend you wish to check for:

Each Wasted Spend level checks the ratio of cost on converting data versus non converting data (see the article above)

Wasted Spend AG = Converting Adgroup Cost / Non Converting Adgroup Cost over the time you select

Wasted Spend KW = Converting Keyword Cost / Non Converting Keyword Cost over the time you select

Wasted Spend SQ = Converting Search Query Cost / Non Converting Search Query Cost over the time you select

The "All Conv" versions of these will check wasted spend using the All Conversions metric rather than Conversion.

Using setting like below will show you the wasted spend:

But if you want to monitor for increases, you could use a custom metric (under Other > Custom) like this:

Putting this into a process that's designed to alert you of increasing wasted spend could look something like this:

This sort of process could be run monthly or more often as required.  

Happy hunting!