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Global Workflow Template Explained: Check for 2+ ETAs and 1+ RSA v1


This article will walk you through creating an ad group process that scans and sends alerts if an ad group does not have 2 expanded text ads and 1 responsive search ad.

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Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 4.24.56 pm 

Workflow Logic Explained:

1. Step One - Is the ad group active?

  • (If no, ignore ad group)
  • (If yes, proceed to Step Two)

2. Step Two - Does the ad group contain at least 2 expanded text ads?

  • If yes output: Remove any 'Needs ETAs' labels from the ad group and move to step 3
  • If no output: Label ad group with 'Needs ETAs'

3. Step Three - Does the ad group contain at least 1 responsive search ad?

  • If yes output: Send an alert to create at least one responsive search ad in the ad group. 
  • If no output: Ignore the ad group

If you would like to apply this workflow to your accounts but need some guidance, check out our article on how to apply a template process.

We love to hear from you!  Any questions or feedback on this article or workflow (or just to say hi), please email us at hello@ppcsamurai.com.

    Workflow Details:
    Current version (Microsoft Ads): [Weekly] Check for 2+ ETAs and 1+ RSA v1
    Workflow level: Ad group
    Available for platform: Microsoft Ads
    Recommended automatic run cadence: Weekly

    Workflow Updates:

    Date Previous workflow versions Update reason
    N/A N/A N/A