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Global Workflow Template Explained: Account has stopped serving


Paid Search accounts can stop serving for any number of reasons - payment issues, disapprovals etc… the list goes on.  When this happens unexpectedly and is not picked up immediately, the consequences can be dire.  Rest easy knowing that this workflow will alert you to this situation, even when you’re manually checking the account every day.

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Workflow Logic Explained:

Step One - Did the account have impressions 7 days ago?

  • (If no, ignore the account)
  • (If yes, proceed to Step Two)

2. Step Two - Did the account record 0 impressions yesterday?

  • (If no, ignore the account)
  • OUTPUT: If yes, the account had impressions 7 days ago but is no longer running, which often indicates an issue.  The workflow will send an alert to the Insights Dashboard and also an email.  

If you would like to apply this workflow to your accounts but need some guidance, check out our article on how to apply a template process.

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Workflow Details:

Current version:  [Daily] Account has stopped serving v1
Workflow level:  Account
Available for platform: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads
Recommended automatic run cadence: Daily

Workflow Updates:

Date Previous workflow versions Update reason