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Getting started with PPC Samurai

If you're new to PPC Samurai, this article walks you through the different elements of the PPC Samurai interface. Let's get started by running through your main menu items (located on the left-hand menu):

Insights (previously referred to as 'Recommendations') dashboard:

Once you start adding accounts and creating processes, the insights dashboard will serve you a list of outstanding actions designed to improve account performance that can be worked through each time you login. 

From the dashboard you can:
  • Review the outstanding account performance insights and review your progress as you work through them
  • Create, save and select different 'views' which allow you to filter your client list
  • Filter the clients by Google and/or Microsoft
  • Sort the insights by type: Alert, Hygiene, Optimization, Ad Tests and Workflows

Performance dashboard:

This is where you'll find the top line performance metrics for your imported accounts. 

Ad Tests is where you can:

  • See results of ad tests
  • Pause/replace losers

Workflows are where you can:

  • View/manage processes that you have saved as templates
  • Apply your workflow templates to multiple clients at once

Budget targets are where you can:

  • Watch campaign & account spend vs target

Shopping is where you can: 

  • See your shopping campaign structures for your shopping clients

Reports are where you can:

  • Build and manage reports and report templates

Google Accounts is where you can:

  • Import your clients Adwords accounts.
  • Select which campaigns to import
  • Remove clients from the insights dashboard

Microsoft Accounts is where you can 

  • Import your clients Bing accounts.
  • Select which campaigns to import
  • Remove clients from the insights dashboard

Settings is where you can:

  • Manage users
  • Set up metrics to watch on your insights dashboard
  • Manage your payment method

Help is where you can:

  • Access the knowledge base & FAQ's
  • Access walk through tutorials

We recommend that you follow these steps to get up and running: 

1. Import a client

2. Set up your first process.

3. Approve process results before sending them to Google Ads

4. Invite team members